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Seeds & Soils

Seeds & Soils is a two-part, in-class presentation for 4th grade students in Wasco County.

Wasco County Master Gardeners

Soil pH? Is it Important?

Your soil's pH is an important factor in the success of your garden. Is there a way to manage your soil's pH? Yes!

Curry County Master Gardeners

Commercial Agriculture

Information for both Commercial Small Farms and high value specialty crops. Resources, research and educational programming serving Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties.

Deschutes County


OSU Small Farms

Have a Gardening Question?

You can contact our Yamhill County Master Gardeners by phone or email.

Yamhill County Master Gardener Program

Klamath County Research Station

Our Agricultural research focuses on practices that enhance sustainable production of agricultural crops and protection of soil and water resources. Faculty at (KBREC) conduct research on nearly all field and forage crops grown in the Klamath Basin.

Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center

Field Crops

Willamette Valley Field Crops Extension provides research-based information for commercial cereal grain, grass seed, legume seed and oil crop producers. This page is hosted by Oregon State University Extension Service - Department of Crop and Soil Science.

Marion County

How to Join

Class of 2020 application with cost, location, and dates.   Central Oregon Resources  Are you interested in learning about gardening in Central Oregon? Are you willing to share your time and knowledge with your community? Become an OSU Master Gardener™ volunteer!  The OSU Master Gardener™ Program in central Oregon is entering its 39th consecutive year, serving ...

Central Oregon Master Gardeners

Have a Gardening Question?

The Linn and Benton County offices of the OSU Extension Service receives thousands of requests for home gardening information annually. To provide this information, Extension enlists the assistance of Master Gardener volunteers.

Master Gardener™ Programs of Linn and Benton Counties

Become a Master Gardener

Master Gardeners are highly-educated volunteers who share their sustainable gardening knowledge with their communities through education and outreach programs. Master Gardener training classes are taught by OSU Extension agents and horticultural experts. The program offers basic, practical courses in plant science and home horticulture. Quick facts about becoming a Master Gardener Volunteer...

Josephine County Master Gardeners