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Soil Quality Network

The Soil Quality Network is a three-year project to create a database, develop a website, and train agricultural professionals in soil quality assessment, education program development and strategies to support farmers.


Soil pH? Is it Important?

Your soil's pH is an important factor in the success of your garden. Is there a way to manage your soil's pH? Yes!

Curry County Master Gardeners

Request for Soil pH Test

Print out and fill in the following form. Bring it to the OSU Extension Office in Gold Beach with your soil sample and fee.

Curry County Master Gardeners

Stormwater Solutions for Green Infrastructure

This project provides education and technical assistance on green infrastructure (GI) practices that address these stormwater impacts.


Online Master Gardener Course

The Master Gardener & Home Horticulture Basic Training course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about the effective and sustainable management of their home horticultural landscape. There are no course prerequisites, although a basic understanding of plants is helpful. Option 1: An alternate route to becoming a Certified Oregon State University Extension Master...

Master Gardener™