The Broadfork

Digging into Small Farms in the Willamette Valley

We showcase local farming practices, tips, and resources for small-scale agriculture by interviewing both farmers and university experts on agricultural topics. 

Listen in on Third Wednesdays on KMUZ at 88.5FM or 100.7FM during the Willamette Wake-Up at 8:00am.

Past episodes:

09/19/2018 - The Pilot: An Introduction to The Broadfork 

  • The Broadfork is a new monthly segment on KMUZ. Host, Victoria Binning talks with Erica Chernoh, Oregon Extension Service, about research to advance cultivation of strawberries and olives in the mid-valley.

10/17/2018 - Lucky Crow Farm: A Report on Terra Madre

  • Eden Olsen details insights from her recent trip to Slow Food's international conference, Terra Madre, with father's from around the world gathered in Italy. She also shares the importance of having a weekend and willing women in agriculture.

11/21/2018 - Marion-Polk Food Share Youth Farm: Not Your Average Food Bank Farm

  • Jared Hibbard-Swanson explains what a food bank hopes to accomplish by supporting a farm that employs teenagers. He also gives some insight on farming on a heavy bottomland soil and his philosophy on pest management. 

12/12/2018 - Bear Branch Farm: Mechanization, Agritourism, and a Baby! Big Changes for 2019

  • Nate and Janis Newsom share their progress over the past three years on their 17-acre diverse vegetable farm in Stayton, as well as their innovative plans for 2019. They are big supporters of mechanization and AirBnB.

1/16/2019 - Friends of Family Farmers: COMING SOON!