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Spring Livestock Series

Mar 12 - Mar 21, 2024
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 PM (Pacific time)

$5 - Includes all live sessions and access to the recordings.

Accommodation requests related to a disability should be made by Mar 5, 2024 to Hayley White: [email protected] or 971-612-0027

Join us for a webinar series for those who raise grazing livestock. Topics cover a wide range and are taught by different instructors.

March 12

  • Work Smarter not Harder for Better Pastures – Hayley White, OSU Extension Small Farms
    Pasture and grazing management principles for lower inputs, more productive forage, and healthier soil.
  • Managing Weeds and Poisonous Plants – Beth Thiel, Polk SWCD
    Know your options and best practices for controlling weeds and identifying poisonous plants in your pastures.

March 14

  • Minerals for Grazing Animals – Gene Pirelli, OSU Extension
    Minerals are critical for grazing livestock. Learn about macro and micro minerals, types of mineral mixes, and how they relate to animal health.
  • Creating a Med Kit and When to Call your Vet – Dr. Charles Estill, Oregon State University

March 19

  • Staying Above Water: Controlling Mud & Manure on the Farm – Suzi Cloutier, Clackamas SWCD
    Learn about effective management methods designed to keep livestock healthy and mud free including track systems, heavy use areas, manure facilities, and pasture rotation.

March 21

  • Need to Renovate your Pasture? Let’s talk options – Melissa Fery, OSU Extension
    Learn your options for pasture renovation based on your goals and make a plan for success.

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