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Big Cats in the Forest: Cougars & Bobcats

Nov 18, 2021 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm PST


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Jackson Josephine Small Woodlands Assoc (JJSWA)

Presented by Mathew Vargas (Via ZOOM!)
Thursday, November 18, 7pm

This presentation will discuss some of the general biology related to cougars and bobcats in Oregon including reproduction, food sources, causes of mortality, habitat requirements, and more. We will then discuss the history of cougar and bobcat management in Oregon, including various population estimates over the years, and then how we came to the management methods we are using currently. Lastly, we will discuss the expanding cougar and bobcat populations into more human-inhabited areas and some best practices in regard to livestock husbandry to minimize potential conflict, as well as cougar safety tips if you should ever come upon one in the forest.

Speaker Mathew Vargas has been the Wildlife Conflict Biologist at the Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife, Rogue Watershed District for the last five years based in the Central Point office in Jackson County. He graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Biology. His main duties include managing all human/wildlife conflict issues and coordinating with all of the wildlife rehabilitation and holding facilities within our district. This includes all of Jackson, Josephine, and Curry counties. In addition, he assists in various biological surveys, habitat improvement projects, regulatory setting processes, and helps manage various recreational activities.

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