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Weaning Management of Beef Calves

From an industry perspective, how we manage our calf crop, pre-weaning, at weaning, and post-weaning, can have dramatic effects on economic viability, consumer acceptance and end-product quality.

Barbi Riggs, Chad Mueller, Reinaldo Cooke | Sep 2019 | Educational Document

Nutrient requirements for growing and finishing cattle

Different classes of animals have different requirements for energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals. The specific amounts needed depend on the animal’s stage of production and the level of performance desired by the livestock ...

Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle (1984) | Aug 2019 | Fact Sheet

BNW Sending Calves to the Feedyard

This document describes Beef Northwest Feeders recommendations on best practices for preparing your calves for the feedlot environment.

Chris Schachtschneider | Oct 2018 | Educational Document