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Looking Forward to a Beef Harvest

This article focuses on how to get your beef animal to a proper weight for harvesting. It looks at size and type of animal and some examples of rates of gain needed to reach a weight that provides good beef for you. It also provides some advice on feeding regimens for success.

Shelby Filley | Apr 2019 | Article

To Grass or Not to Grass... That is the Calf Question

When the costs of gain in the finishing phase are high, heavier weight cattle are more attractive to feeders compared to lighter weight cattle. This publication discusses the pros and cons of keeping cattle on grass to gain more weight prior to entering the final growth phase before harvesting.

Shelby Filley, Chad Mueller | May 2013 | Article

Extra pounds on weaned calves may pay dividends

Although calves are typically sold for high dollars per pound and at a lighter weight, having the calves sold with higher weight may be worth more than the resources put into making the calf larger.

Shelby Filley | Jan 2011 | Article

Creep-Feeding Beef Calves

A look at what circumstances create the largest profits in selling beef calves. Specifically, when and what kind of creep-feeding is appropriate.

Franz Rulofson, William A. Zollinger | Jun 1993 | Article

Advantages to cows and their calves: creep-feeding vs. early weaning

Creep-feeding and early weaning are two options for managing cows and calves. Each practice has a specific purpose, but these strategies can be misapplied.

Shelby Filley | Jun 2018 | Article