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Major Cattle Diseases in Oregon

Diseased animals require treatment, which is a cost to producers. Additionally, diseased animals do not perform at their maximum ability, adding to the cost of production due to low returns. Early detection of disease usually allows better outcomes when treatment is promptly implemented. Therefore, it is important to recognize disease early, know how to treat affected animals, and how to prevent disease in the rest of the herd.

Aurora Villarroel, DVM, MPVM, PhD, DACVPM, CVA, CVTP | Sep 2019 | Publication

Stress and the Immune System

This article will provide information regarding the effects of stress on health and immune system, as well as feasible strategies that may be adopted by beef producers to prevent stress-related diseases in the herd.

Sep 2019 | Educational Document

Management Strategies for Dealing with Select Poisonous Plants in Oregon

Rangelands, pastures and hay fields throughout Oregon often contain poisonous plants that are potentially dangerous to cattle and other livestock.

Andy Hulting, Karin Neff | Sep 2019 | Educational Document

BNW Sending Calves to the Feedyard

This document describes Beef Northwest Feeders recommendations on best practices for preparing your calves for the feedlot environment.

Chris Schachtschneider | Oct 2018 | Educational Document

Overview of the Cattle Immune System

This article will provide basic information regarding health management and the immune system of cattle.

Reinaldo Cooke | Oct 2018 | Publication