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Balancing Diets for Beef Cattle

Oct 2018
Introduction Cattle nutrition is a critical component of beef operations. Within the OSU – Beef Cattle Library, there are several articles demonstrating the importance of adequate nutrition for growth, reproduction, and immunity of beef cattle. More than 60% of annual production costs in beef operations can be associated with cattle feeding, including forage production and feed ...

By David Bohnert, Reinaldo Cooke | Article

Basic nutrient requirements of beef cattle

Oct 2018
Basic Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle Introduction Cattle require certain nutrients in specific amounts in order to grow, thrive, and reproduce. This fact sheet describes the nutrients, explains common terms used in feeds and feeding, and provides lists of nutrient requirements by animal type and productivity level. This makes it easier for livestock managers and nutritionists to...

By Shelby Filley | Article

Mineral Assessment

Aug 2019
The objectives of this article are to help you perform an initial mineral assessment on diets you are feeding to your livestock and compare that to animal requirements.

By Shelby Filley | Article

Feeding beef cattle cull onions

Jan 2019
Oregon is a domestic leader in storage onion production and Malheur and Morrow counties lead production within the state. Historically, onion producers have experienced difficulties disposing of cull onions, which are damaged onions that cannot be sold for human consumption. One of the strategies to help deal with this issue was to feed cull onions to beef cattle. This article originally appeared in the Oregon Beef Producer magazine.

By Sergio Arispe | Article