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Reproductive management of the cowherd

Sound reproductive management of the cowherd, using proven methods, is required to accomplish this goal in a manner that is economically efficient and sustains the natural resources of the ranch.

Shelby Filley, Reinaldo Cooke | Sep 2019 | Publication

Development of Replacement Heifers

This article will focus on some strategies that beef producer have in order to improve heifer development programs, and hence the entire profitability of cow-calf production systems.

Bruno I. Cappellozza | Sep 2019 | Educational Document

Estrus Synchronization Protocols

These estrus synchronization protocol sheets were assembled by the Beef Reproduction Task Force (

Sep 2019 | Educational Document

Estrus Synchronization and Artificial Insemination in Beef Cattle

This article will address some of the advantages and disadvantages of AI, and review the most common estrus synchronization protocols that are currently available to producers.

Reinaldo Cooke, Guilherme H. L. Marquezini | Oct 2018 | Publication

OSU Calving School Handbook

This handbook focuses on the calving process, illustrating and explaining the mechanisms associated with this event, in addition to providing information and management options to alleviate the incidence of calving difficulties.

Charles Estill, Aurora Villarroel, Reinaldo Cooke | Oct 2018 | Publication