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Development of Replacement Heifers

This article will focus on some strategies that beef producer have in order to improve heifer development programs, and hence the entire profitability of cow-calf production systems.

Bruno I. Cappellozza | Sep 2019 | Educational Document

Stress and the Immune System

This article will provide information regarding the effects of stress on health and immune system, as well as feasible strategies that may be adopted by beef producers to prevent stress-related diseases in the herd.

Sep 2019 | Educational Document

Protein Nutrition for Cattle

This article will provide some basic concepts associated with protein nutrition in cattle, aiming to help beef producers on detecting and designing nutritional strategies to enhance cattle performance and, consequently, productivity and profitability of beef operations.

Bruno I. Cappellozza | Sep 2019 | Educational Document

Using Alternative Feedstuffs

Producers should routinely evaluate alternative feedstuffs as a means to supplement existing forage resources and reduce feed costs.

David Bohnert | Sep 2019 | Educational Document

Management Strategies for Dealing with Select Poisonous Plants in Oregon

Rangelands, pastures and hay fields throughout Oregon often contain poisonous plants that are potentially dangerous to cattle and other livestock.

Andy Hulting, Karin Neff | Sep 2019 | Educational Document

Fitting the Cow Herd to the Environment

We can create a cow that is in tune with nature and turns a profit.

Barbi Riggs | Sep 2019 | Publication

BNW Sending Calves to the Feedyard

This document describes Beef Northwest Feeders recommendations on best practices for preparing your calves for the feedlot environment.

Chris Schachtschneider | Oct 2018 | Educational Document

How to Interpret Sire Summaries

Selecting a bull is one of the most important management decisions a beef producer makes. Since it is possible for a bull to sire 25 or more calves in each calf crop, the bull has much more influence on the genetic makeup of the herd than does the individual cow. Before selecting a bull, every producer needs to establish long-term goals for the herd. The decisions ...

Barbi Riggs | Oct 2018 | Publication

Grass Seed Straw as a Forage Source for Beef Cattle

A byproduct of grass seed production is straw (residue remaining after grass seed has been harvested). While grass seed straw is generally a low-quality forage source, the ruminant animal and its microbial population can utilize it with proper nutritional management.

David Bohnert, Mike Mehren, Carl Hunt | Oct 2018 | Publication

Basic Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle - Breeding Cattle

This appendix is associated with the publication "Basic Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle." It contains a table of requirements for breeding cattle.

Shelby Filley | Oct 2018 | Publication