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Fitting the Cow Herd to the Environment

We can create a cow that is in tune with nature and turns a profit.

Barbi Riggs | Dec 2019 | Article

Common beef breeds of Oregon

With the wide range of beef cattle breeds utilized in the United States, it can be difficult to choose the right breed for each operation. Additionally, the diverse climate, landscape and feed availability seen throughout Oregon further complicate this decision.

Dustin McGuire | Sep 2019 | Article

Body condition scoring: Monitoring the beef cows energy reserves

Monitoring body condition is a management tool for evaluating the nutritional status and energy reserves of beef cattle.

Cory T. Parsons | Nov 2009 | Article

Alfalfa for Beef Cattle

Introduction Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) is well known as an excellent source of protein and energy for beef cattle. One ton of alfalfa hay contains as much protein as 2/3 ton of soybean meal and as much digestible energy...

Mylen Bohle, David Hannaway | Sep 2019 | Article

Mineral Assessment

The objectives of this article are to help you perform an initial mineral assessment on diets you are feeding to your livestock and compare that to animal requirements.

Shelby Filley | Aug 2019 | Article

Feeding for Rebreeding

Good nutritional status is one of the most important factors in successful reproduction. This article reviews the nutritional demands, nutrient requirements, and nutrient content of common feeds for mature cows and first-calf heifers after calving and into the breeding season.

Shelby Filley | Feb 2004 | Article