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Basics of Reproductive Function in Beef Cows

Sep 2019
The major objective of cow-calf operations is to produce one calf per cow every year. Therefore, reproductive performance of the cowherd highly determines the efficiency and profitability of cow-calf systems.

By Reinaldo Cooke | Publication

Reproduction for Next Year Starts Now

Jun 2018
You are probably wondering how this applies to you if your cows are still pregnant and calves aren’t expected just yet. Let’s take a few minutes and review events prior to and after calving that have an impact on subsequent reproductive processes (and calves).

By Shelby Filley | Article

Advantages to cows and their calves: creep-feeding vs. early weaning

Jun 2018
Creep-feeding and early weaning are two options for managing cows and calves. Each practice has a specific purpose, but these strategies can be misapplied.

By Shelby Filley | Article

Beef Cattle Resources for Small Farms

Apr 2018
This page provides information for the beef producer. Some topics you'll find here are production, breeds, reproduction, calving, nutrition, health, and other resources.