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Protein Nutrition for Cattle

Sep 2019
This article will provide some basic concepts associated with protein nutrition in cattle, aiming to help beef producers on detecting and designing nutritional strategies to enhance cattle performance and, consequently, productivity and profitability of beef operations.

By Bruno I. Cappellozza | Educational Document

Alfalfa for Beef Cattle

Sep 2019
Alfalfa is well known as an excellent source of protein and energy for beef cattle. A beef cow needs high energy hay to regain body weight after calving, produce milk for her calf, and rebreed in 40 to 90 days after calving.

By Mylen Bohle, David Hannaway | Educational Document

Balancing Diets for Beef Cattle

Oct 2018
Nutritional management of the herd needs to be properly designed to ensure optimum cattle performance while maintaining economical viability of the production system. There are several steps that producers and field personnel need to understand and follow when designing or evaluating cattle diets, including determination of animal requirements, assessment of feed inventory, and calculations to determine the type and amount of feeds that animals have to consume.

By David Bohnert, Reinaldo Cooke | Publication

Estimated value of cranberries as a livestock feed

Aug 2001
Value analysis of cranberries as a livestock feed in the U.S.

By Amy Peters, Michael Gamroth, Art Poole | Article

To Grass or Not to Grass... That is the Calf Question

May 2013
When the costs of gain in the finishing phase are high, heavier weight cattle are more attractive to feeders compared to lighter weight cattle. This publication discusses the pros and cons of keeping cattle on grass to gain more weight prior to entering the final growth phase before harvesting.

By Shelby Filley, Chad Mueller | Article

Feeding for Rebreeding

Feb 2004
Good nutritional status is one of the most important factors in successful reproduction. This article reviews the nutritional demands, nutrient requirements, and nutrient content of common feeds for mature cows and first-calf heifers after calving and into the breeding season.

By Shelby Filley | Article