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Basics of reproductive function in beef cows

Sep 2019
Introduction The major objective of cow-calf operations is to produce one calf per cow every year. Therefore, reproductive performance of the cowherd highly determines the efficiency and profitability of cow- calf systems. Reproductive management of the herd involves many factors, such as development of replacement heifers, postpartum interval and rebreeding of cows, and also management ...

By Reinaldo Cooke | Article

Estrus Synchronization Protocols

Sep 2019
These estrus synchronization protocol sheets were assembled by the Beef Reproduction Task Force (

Educational Document

OSU Calving School Handbook

Oct 2018
This handbook focuses on the calving process, illustrating and explaining the mechanisms associated with this event, in addition to providing information and management options to alleviate the incidence of calving difficulties.

By Charles Estill, Aurora Villarroel, Reinaldo Cooke | Publication

Ready for Calving

Dec 2010
Cattle managers can decrease the amount of calving difficulty through bull selection, nutrition and exercise. Don’t wait until calving begins, follow this checklist and set up the supplies and support you will need.

By Shelby Filley | Article