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Animals and COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Here is some information on animals and COVID-19 (Coronavirus). It includes the latest research and website resources .

Shelby Filley | Apr 2020 | Article

Mud and Manure Management presentation

This is a file of the presentation slides from an OSU Mud and Manure Management class. We covered the following topics: Benefits of Manure and Mud Management, Different practices and possibilities, and Resources for assistance. Check out the article on our website that further explains how to construct a hardened area - Mud and Manure Management Article (

Shelby Filley, Melissa Fery | Mar 2020 | Presentation

Mud and Manure Management

Managing mud and manure in livestock areas does not have to be a dirty job. There are several remedies for the problem. This fact sheet outlines the processes for dealing with the problem.

Shelby Filley, Sara Runkel, Melissa Fery | Mar 2020 | Article

When should we stop grazing our pasture?

Q: We have had a horse grazing on our approx. 6 acre field which is normally cut for mixed grass hay. The horse has been on the field since we had it cut and baled into hay this past summer. In general, when is the ...

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Horse Hoof and Leg Anatomy

An overview of horse hoof and leg anatomy

Scott Duggan | Sep 2019 | Presentation

Managing Small-Acreage Horse Farms in Western Oregon and Western Washington

Horses, grass, manure, soil and water are all interconnected. How you manage one affects the others. Following these seven steps can make your horse farm safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Learn more about horse grazing...

Garry Stephenson, David Hannaway, Melissa Fery, Scott Duggan, Linda Brewer | Sep 2019 | OSU Extension Catalog

Services - Producer Organizations

Here are some handy links to organizations important to raising livestock and forages and their products.

Shelby Filley | Aug 2019 | Collection