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Range Improvements - Tools and Methods to Improve Cattle Distribution

With few exceptions, the goal of most range improvements is to increase returns from the landscape by increasing forage quantity, quality, or animal production. Exceptions might be efforts to reduce wildfire risks, improve wildlife habitat, or increase watershed yields through woody plant control.

By David Ganskopp | Publication

Services - Producer Organizations

Here are some handy links to organizations important to raising livestock and forages:

By Shelby Filley, | Collection

How to Starve Animals with a Full Stomach

“What do you mean my cow/horse/sheep/goat/ llama/alpaca/elephant died of starvation? She had all the hay she could eat!”

By Susan Kerr | Article

Sustainable Livestock Production, Part 1

Definitions of sustainable agriculture usually include references to financial, environmental, ethical, social and product quality issues. In addition to those considerations, sustainable livestock...

By Susan Kerr | Article

Sustainable Livestock Production part 2

In Part 1 of this series on sustainable livestock production , we discussed the need for effective pre-planning before engaging in a livestock enterprise. This pre-planning includes inventorying...

By Susan Kerr | Article

Farm Profile: Walker Farms

Sarah and Randy Walker have not been farmers for very long. Four and a half years ago they purchased a farm on the flat fertile plain next to the Siletz River. Since then, they have not looked back....

By Sarah Walker, Randy Walker | Article

Getting Livestock Farms Ready for Winter

When you find yourself with a few spare moments this autumn, use this article as a guide to think about all the odds-and-ends tasks needed to get your farm and livestock ready for winter. Most of...

By Susan Kerr | Article