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Bob Rost
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My horses have so many ticks, what can I do?

I have 2 horse on 5 irrigated acres NE Bend, Deschutes county. I have been pulling ticks off them for a few weeks. I dewormed with an Ivermectin which kills any that were attached at the time, but more climb on and attach. What's an effective way of getting rid of ticks from property and livestock?...

By Scott Duggan | Featured Question

Vintage horse rig, chic and functional?

The attached photo is of my father cultivating a field of corn on the family farm near Rokeby, NE around 1914. What purpose do the cords hanging down the sides of horses serve?

By Dawn Sherwood | Featured Question

Horse supplies

I was wondering if there is a place for low-income families to get free or cheap horse supplies?

By Dawn Sherwood | Featured Question