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You’re Invited to the Changing Hands Story Series

Rogue Farm Corps, in a Capital Press series, shares real stories of transitioning land from one generation to the next.

By Ashley Rood | Article

Trends and Insights into Oregon Agricultural Business Succession Planning

2017 Census of Agriculture data is used to update an analysis of farm succession preparation in Oregon. Original publication: Brekken, C. M. A., Gwin, L., Horst, M., McAdams, N., Martin, S. (2016). The Future of Oregon’s Agricultural Land.

By Christy Anderson Brekken | Publication

Young Farmer Brings New Life to Family Farm

Bernet Farms in Scappoose, Oregon has begun a new era thanks to 26 year old, Gary Bernet. Fred Bernet, Gary’s grandfather, operated the Bernet farm as a dairy until 1974 and even though most of the...

By Melissa Fery | Article

Rogue Farm Corps Trains Future Farmers

We have all seen the headlines and read the census reports. Less than 1% of the population farms for a living and our farmers are aging. Meanwhile, our farm economy is changing. Local food is all the...

By Stu O’Neill | Article

Farm Profile: Fort Vannoy, Grants Pass

Fort Vannoy Farm in Grants Pass is a great example of how small farms can successfully adapt to current market trends in order to stay relevant and financially viable. Bob Crouse’s grandparents moved...

By Maud Powell, Shelley Elkovich, | Article

Taking the Research on the Road: The Future of Oregon's Farmland

Almost two-thirds of Oregon’s agricultural land will be changing hands in the next two decades, but the vast majority of Oregon farmers and ranchers have not formalized plans to pass their land and...

By Nellie McAdams | Article

Changing Lands, Changing Hands: Report From The National Conference

The United States is fortunate to have 50 state “laboratories” with unique programs and policies to sample from. Yet state practitioners seldom have the chance to learn deeply about their peers’ hard...

By Nellie McAdams | Article