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Lynn Ketchum
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Rock on! Is this a classic rock or something else?

I'm currently a student at OSU and during one of my soil digs in my back yard my wife found a rock and she has since been wanting to know what it is and can't figure it out. Just curious if anyone can tell me from afar what type of rock this is? It is not magnetic but is fairly heavy for its size....

By Carrie Gordon | Featured Question

Where can I get ants to play with?

As a child in California I always loved ants. Now as an adult I want to pass that love on to my daughter. The problem is you can't get ants shipped here and every attempt to catch them wild has failed! Is there any program breeding them or groups authorized to import them?

By Jean R. Natter | Featured Question

Can a forest friend find a fabulous fir list?

Just by living in the Pacific Northwest, it is obvious there must be at least a dozen varieties of fir trees. I would like a complete list with descriptions including the false ones and the true ones.

By Sandy Reichhuber | Featured Question

Do moths taste with their feet?

I understand that butterflies taste with their feet and I have always assumed that moths do as well. However when I try to find out about it, all I see mentioned is butterflies. Can you tell me for sure whether moths taste with their feet or in some other way?

By Jean R. Natter | Featured Question