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Clackamas County Extension Education Center Newsletter

Our new Extension Education Center newsletter will help keep the community up to date with our progress to complete the final stages of planning, construction, moving in, and fundraising for this project.


2018 Evaluation of Pricing and Online Presence of Oregon Coast Tour Operators

Jan 2019
This report is for companies along the Oregon coast that provide guided kayaking, salmon fishing and whale-watching tours.

OSU Sea Grant Publication

Ecological Effects of Tide Gate Upgrade or Removal: A Literature Review and Knowledge Synthesis

Sep 2018
This document reports on findings, conclusions and recommendations derived from scientific literature and knowledge regarding the effectiveness of tide gate removal or upgrade in improving conditions for Oregon’s native migratory fish species.

OSU Sea Grant Publication

A Community-based Response to Flooding, Jay Gordon (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series)

Sep 2018
Active consensus-building, high-quality research partnerships, and the capacity to support these efforts: learn more about dairy farmer Jay Gordon here.

OSU Extension Catalog

Change in the number and distribution of food stores in Oregon 2011-2016

Jul 2018
People source food in a variety of ways from growing their own to relying on prepared meals. Ideally, people and families have the access and resources to purchase the types of food that support a healthy diet regardless of their location or income. Understanding the availability of food shopping locations and how the numbers of stores are changing provides some insights ...

By Mallory Rahe | Article

Unabandoned Documentary of Eastern Oregon

Jun 2018
Five OSU students produce a documentary of their exploration of the meaning of community in rural Eastern Oregon.


Confluence: Spring/Summer 2018

Jun 2018
Confluence is a newsletter of Oregon Sea Grant. Articles feature the supported research and events of the program.

OSU Sea Grant Publication

Economic Linkages and Impact Analysis for the Oregon Sea Grant Programmed and Operated Hatfield Marine Science Center Visitor Center

Jun 2017
The Oregon Sea Grant Visitor Center at Hatfield Marine Science Center attracts 150,000 visitors a year and does not require an admission fee. Surveying visitors, 39% of all people indicated that half or more of their reason for coming to the Oregon coast was to visit the Visitor Center.

By Larry Lev, Catherine McBride, Mallory Rahe, Bruce Sorte | Publication

Measuring Community Action Program Impacts on Multi-Dimensional Poverty: Final Report of the Futures Project

Mar 2017
The Community Action Partnership of Oregon (CAPO) approached Oregon State University to assist in developing statewide indicators which help local agencies better utilize data for continuous improvement. The project was expanded to include Washington and Idaho. This report summarizes the project's findings.

By Bruce Weber, Melissa Torgerson | Publication

The Vital Wallowa Indicator Project: 2009 Summary

Feb 2010
This document summarizes a collaborative effort of the Wallowa Resources, Northeast Oregon Economic Development District and Oregon State University faculty members jointly affiliated with Extension Service and the Rural Studies Program to develop indicators of Wallowa County community vitality in a way that reflects the goals and values of the community, measure vitality with indicators,...

By Lena Etuk, Mindy Crandall | Publication