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Lynn Ketchum
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Is my flooded garden area safe?

Is it safe to plant a vegetable garden after the area was covered by polluted flood waters for three days? Is it safe to eat existing vegetables (kale, garlic, etc) that survived? Our well tests positive for coliform bacteria and E. coli... two weeks later there is still floodwater remaining in our...

By Joy Waite-Cusic, | Featured Question

How can I prepare for a tsunami?

Do you know where I can go to find out about various coastal towns' emergency preparedness and directions for evacuation in the event of a tsunami?

By Lynette Black | Featured Question

Post-Fukushima Atomic Surfing? Will I Gulp and Glow?

I surf regularly along the northern Oregon coast. In light of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, has any recent / regular testing been completed to see if the water is safe to surf in? Some of us are out there for extended periods of time and may even accidentally gulp down some seawater during...

By Jamie Doyle | Featured Question