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SNAP-Ed 2017 Impact Report

May 2018
Oregon SNAP-Ed impact report provides highlights and success stories for 2017.

Fact Sheet

Got Calcium? What form is best?

Aug 2016
Do studies substantiate calcium gluconate is better absorbed by bone than calcium carbonate?

By Patty Case | Featured Question

What can I do to build better bones?

Feb 2016
I was just identified with a -2.5 bone density score and I do not want to take fosamax. I'm 65 and would rather increase my calcium and vitamin D, do weight bearing exercise. I quit smoking seven years ago and have never fractured any bones. What else can I do to reduce bone loss? I eat a healthy diet, am 5'4", and lead an active life.  

By Kathy Gunter | Featured Question

OSU hunts for dioxin substitutes to fight autoimmune diseases

Jan 15, 2010
Scientists at Oregon State University are hunting for substitute chemicals for a toxic dioxin to fight diseases that are triggered by haywire immune systems attacking the body.

By Tiffany Woods | News Story

OSU study uses new method to find Oregon meth hot spots

Sep 15, 2008
A researcher at Oregon State University has used a new method of combining multiple sources of data to identify counties in Oregon with high numbers of methamphetamine-related problems per capita.

By Tiffany Woods | News Story

OSU researchers develop new approach for studying tissue regeneration

Oct 31, 2007
OSU researchers develop new approach for studying tissue regeneration.

News Story

B-vitamins play an important role in athletic performance

Nov 15, 2006
New research suggests active individuals with a marginal deficiency in the B-vitamins may have a decreased ability to recover from exercise.

News Story

OSU study examines relationship between obesity and urban sprawl

Sep 8, 2005
An OSU study suggests that overweight people may tend to choose the suburban life.

By Peg Herring | News Story