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IPM Downy Brome

Jun 2015
Presentation by Judit Barroso, OSU Weed Scientist, on Integrated Weed Management for Downy Brome in Winter Wheat

By Judit Barroso | Video

IPM Field Disease Diagnosis

Apr 2010
Presentation by Lindsey du Toit, WSU Extension Plant Pathologist, on Diagnosing Diseases in the Field

By Lindsey du Toit | Video

IPM Soilborne Diseases

Apr 2010
Presentation by Kurtis L. Schroeder, Cropping Systems Agronomist & Plant Pathologist, on Soilborne Diseases of Cereals: Identification and Management

By Kurtis L. Schroeder | Video

Wheat Foliar Diseases: Eyespot and Strip Rust

Apr 2010
Presentation by Tim Murray, WSU Plant Pathologist, on Wheat Foliar Diseases: Eyespot and Strip Rust

By Tim Murray | Video

IPM Insect Pests of Wheat

Apr 2010
Presentation by Steve Van Vleet, Washington State University, Whitman County Extension

By Silvia I. Rondon, Stuart Reitz, Steve Van Vleet | Video

Monitoring Diseases in the Field

Apr 2015
Diseases can reduce the yield and nutritional quality of crops. Vectors are organisms that transmit pathogens that cause diseases and can also threaten crops. Some important vectors of plant pathogens in the Pacific Northwest include the potato psyllid that vectors the bacteria that causes Zebra Chip disease in potatoes and onion thrips that vector Iris yellow spot virus in onions.

By Silvia I. Rondon | Video