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Lynn Ketchum
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Velvetleaf-Have You Seen This Weed?

This small plant causes extensive crop loss. Is it still missing?

By Mary Corp, | Article


Can spraying this weed at the right time keep it out of our fields?

By Mary Corp, | Article

Rattail Fescue Control in Chemical Fallow

European native grassy weed on the rise.

By Mary Corp, Daniel Ball | Article

Field Bindweed Control in Wheat: Fallow Rotations

Weed scientist, Daniel A. Ball of OSU, talks about the best way to rid fields of this noxious weed.

By Daniel Ball | Article

Purple Loosestrife

Tall, spiky weed crows out essential vegetation.

By Mary Corp, | Article

Puncture Vine

Prickly, resilient vine comes back for more. This little bug has something to say about that.

By Mary Corp, | Article

Prickly Lettuce

This persistent, prickly pest plans to invade fields and stay there.

By Mary Corp, | Article

Blooming Biennials! Musk Thistle

Tall, diverse plant sneaks into pasture, rangeland, and timberland.

By Mary Corp, | Article

Meadow Knapweed

Tall, aggressive perennial destroying native plants.

By Mary Corp, | Article

Leafy Spurge

Hearty perennial reduces rangeland to a monoculture.

By Mary Corp, | Article