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Greenhouse: Dream it, Plan it, Build it

Do you know where I can get step-by-step plans on how to build a greenhouse?

By Jack Shorr | Featured Question

I need a greenhouse design, is a walipini a good choice for me?

What is the best type of green house to grow berries and vegetables in year round in the Willamette Valley? I've seen several, I like the underground greenhouses (walipini) but it may not be necessary for our climate. This would be for a small family and gifts for Christmas. 

By Debra Lauer | Featured Question

Is there a Spanish resource with technical plant terms?

I work at a greenhouse and am trying to open bilingual communications. At the moment we have many informal words for things like "callus" and "crown" to describe our tissue culture plants but would love to know the actual terms for them (and other plant parts) in Spanish so we can educate everyone...

By Luisa Santamaria | Featured Question