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Boxwood Blight in commercial nursery production -- El tizón de boxwood en viveros de producción comercial

The poster is in both English and Spanish (bilingual). Content includes photos and descriptions of symptoms of boxwood blight and damage to plants. The poster file is designed to print up to 24 x 36 inches. For more information on transmission of the disease and management, see the Spanish or...

By Luisa Santamaria | OSU Extension Catalog

El tizón de boxwood en viveros de producción comercial

Esta publicación contiene información sobre plantas huéspedes conocidas, cómo se dispersan las esporas del hongo, y cómo manejar el tizón de boxwood, con fotos y descripciones de síntomas y daño. Hay también un póster bilingüe que contiene fotos y descripciones de síntomas y daño en español y...

By Luisa Santamaria | OSU Extension Catalog

Boxwood Blight in commercial nurseries

This title includes three products: a publication in English, a publication in Spanish, and a bilingual poster (both English and Spanish). This is the English edition of the publication. Content includes information on host plants, transmission of the disease, and management, with photos and...

By Luisa Santamaria | OSU Extension Catalog

Organic Management of Flea Beetles

Flea beetles are common garden pests found throughout the Pacific Northwest. Flea beetle feeding on plants in the Brassicaceae and Solanaceae families can scar foliage and potato tubers, leading to reduced marketable yields and potential total crop loss. This publication introduces growers to...

OSU Extension Catalog

Growing Corkbark Fir and Subalpine Fir for Nursery Production

Explores the cultivation of corkbark fir and subalpine fir for use as landscape (corkbark fir only) or Christmas trees. Topics covered include site selection, seeding production, tree establishment and care, and pest management. Recommendations draw from research trials conducted at the University...

OSU Extension Catalog

Azalea Lace Bug: Biology and Management in Commercial Nurseries and Landscapes

Azalea lace bug is an emerging pest in Oregon that can be quite damaging to azaleas and rhododendrons, very popular plants in Oregon nurseries and landscapes. This publication offers information on identification, timing, and management options for this new pest.

By Robin Rosetta | OSU Extension Catalog

Chinche de encaje de la azalea: Una nueva plaga de las azaleas y los rododendros

La chinche de encaje (Stephanitis pyrioides) de la azalea, también conocida como "azalea lace bug" en ingles, es una nueva plaga que causa daños considerables en las azaleas y los rododendros. En esta publicación hay información sobre ciclo de vida del insecto, cómo el daño se caracteriza, monitoreo...

By Luisa Santamaria, Robin Rosetta | OSU Extension Catalog

Azalea Lace Bug Poster (Chinche de encaje de la azalea)

This poster measures 24 x 36 inches and is on soft vinyl with grommets, so it stands up to wet weather and is easy to handle. It contains photos and concise descriptions of the insect in its several stages of development and of its damage to plants. All content is presented in both English and...

By Gilbert Uribe, Luisa Santamaria, Robin Rosetta | OSU Extension Catalog

Bareroot Shade, Flowering, and Fruit Trees (Willamette Valley) Fertilizer Guide

This guide can serve as a starting point for development of nutrient management guidelines for Oregon growers. Recommendations in this guide are based on research performed in the Willamette Valley with other cropping systems and on current nutrient management practices of bareroot shade tree...

By Dan Sullivan | OSU Extension Catalog

Managing Manganese Deficiency in Nursery Production of Red Maple

Discusses the processes of manganese (Mn) reaction in the soil, Mn movement in plants, Mn function in plants, results of studies of Mn in Oregon nursery fields, and management practices to prevent Mn deficiency in field-grown red maple. Management practices covered include site selection, nutrient...

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