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2021 Pest Management Guide for Wine Grapes in Oregon

Learn the most effective techniques for controlling insects, weeds and disease on wine grapes in Oregon. Easy-to-read tables list pesticide application rates and timing. This comprehensive publication for growers covers strategies for ...

Patricia Skinkis, Jay Pscheidt, Marcelo Moretti, Vaughn Walton, Achala KC, Clive Kaiser | Feb 2021 | OSU Extension Catalog

How to Scout for Grape Phylloxera in Vineyards

This video provides the basic steps in searching for phylloxera in an infested vineyard.

Patricia Skinkis, Michelle Moyer, Gwen Hoheisel, TJ Mullinax | Nov 2020 | Video

Oregon State researchers mobilize to study impact of wildfire smoke on wine

Oregon State University scientists have analyzed almost 500 samples of wine and grapes from throughout Oregon in recent weeks to better understand the impact of smoke on wine.

Oct 19, 2020 | News story

How to Assess whether Grapes and Wines are affected by Wildfire Smoke Exposure

This article describes how to evaluate grape berries and wine for smoke aromas imparted by wildfire smoke exposure.

James Osborne, Patricia Skinkis, Elizabeth Tomasino | Sep 2020 | Article

Smoke Exposed Grapes: Microfermentation Protocol for Winemakers & Growers

This protocol provides instructions for a small fermentation to evaluate smoke impacts in grapes and wine.

Elizabeth Tomasino, Anita Oberholster, Tom Collins | Sep 2020 | Fact Sheet

140 Rebecca Sweet - Pollinator cover crops in vineyards

Rebecca Sweet is the founder of Buzz Cover Crop Seeds, which provides diverse mixes of cover crop, pasture and insectary seeds to small and mid-sized farms in the Pacific Northwest. Rebecca has 16 years of experience ...

Andony Melathopoulos | Jun 2020 | Podcast episode

How to cane prune grapevines

This video provides instructions on how to cane prune a grapevine.

Patricia Skinkis | Dec 2019 | Video

How to spur prune grapevines

This video provides instructions on how to prune cordon-trained vines with spur pruning during winter.

Patricia Skinkis | Dec 2019 | Video

Dealing with damaged fruit in the winery

This article describes how to process fruit that is damaged in the vineyard due to cracking and infestation by fruit flies.

James Osborne | Oct 2019 | Article