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Given more information about how wine is made, consumers less likely to pay for organic

Jun 25, 2019
Consumers are more willing to pay for wine that comes with an organic or organic grape label but providing information about certification standards and organic production practices reduces consumer willingness to pay for all wines, , according to an Oregon State University-led study.

By Chris Branam | News Story

Skunking the stink bug: discover the latest in sustainable management in orchards

Jun 30, 2016
Orchardists can minimize damage through integrated pest management

By Gail Wells | News Story

Why are my grapevines stunted? New OSU Extension app has the answers

Mar 1, 2016
App makes it easy to check out all the possibilities and pick the right solution

By Gail Wells | News Story

Oregon wine industry experiences 27.6 percent increase in gross sales

May 30, 2007
Wine grape crops posted gross sales of $46.7 million last year, an increase of 27.6 percent since 2005.

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OSU study says consumers still prefer corked, not screw-capped wine

Oct 6, 2004
Pacific Northwest wine drinkers still prefer their wines from bottles sealed with corks, according to a study at Oregon State University’s Food Innovation Center in Portland.

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