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A Community-based Response to Flooding, Jay Gordon (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series)

Active consensus-building, high-quality research partnerships, and the capacity to support these efforts: learn more about dairy farmer Jay Gordon here.

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How Secure Is Your Farm?

Is your farm protected against “everyday” crime? How about agroterrorism? The measures to take to protect your land and property from both types of crime are similar and well worth the effort to put...

By Susan Kerr | Article

Water Storage for Emergencies - SP50-835

Information on things to consider when storing water for emergencies.


Food Storage for Emergencies - SP50-833

Information on things to consider when preparing / storing food for emergencies.


If Your Freezer Stops - SP50-470

Tips for keeping food safe when your freezer stops working, and guidelines for determining the safety of food in a freezer that has stopped working.


Zombie game teaches teens to be prepared for emergencies

Oct 18, 2017
In an age of disasters, being ready is a serious concern

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

How can I prepare for a tsunami?

Do you know where I can go to find out about various coastal towns' emergency preparedness and directions for evacuation in the event of a tsunami?

By Lynette Black | Featured Question

How long should I roll out my drinking water barrel?

I have emergency drinking water (from the garden hose) stored in a 55 gallon plastic drum, and about a dozen store-bought gallons of drinking water in the original plastic containers. How long will they stay safe to drink?

By Lynette Black | Featured Question

It Could Happen to You: Frequently Asked Questions About Disaster Assistance

Describes the services or assistance needed by disaster victims that are provided by a Disaster Recovery Center.

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