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Exercise Tutorials

View and participate in Better Bones and Balance exercises from your own home!


Food Safety Tips for Older Adults - SP50-872

Food safety tips for older adults, who are most susceptible to foodborne illness.

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A Resource Guide for Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children in Oregon

Publication explores a range of opportunities and challenges faced by kinship caregivers. It starts with common issues faced by family members caring for relative children and moves on to provide statewide and local resources for those families. Updated 2013.

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Oregon's Legal Guide for Grandparents and Other Older Relatives Raising Children

Publication includes legal advice for grandparents and other older relatives raising children. Includes local resources. Revised in 2016.

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Annual OSU Gerontology Conference

This two-day conference, held at Oregon State University, will feature workshops by leading geriatric professionals presenting current information for health and human services occupations in a wide variety of disciplines. The 43rd Annual Conference will be held April 3-4, 2019.

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Mastery of Aging Well - Professional & Continuing Education

Learn healthy aging tips and ways to care for the elderly with Mastery of Aging Well. The course helps participants to understand health issues that might arise in later life, implement strategies to handle age-related problems and learn how to exercise and improve diet in later life. Healthcare professionals can earn continuing education credit through the Oregon Department of Human Services, the Oregon Health Licensing Agency and the Oregon Board of Pharmacy.

By Sharon Johnson

Featured Question

Got Calcium? What form is best?

Do studies substantiate calcium gluconate is better absorbed by bone than calcium carbonate?

By Patty Case

OSU Extension Catalog

Coping with Caregiving: How to Manage Stress When Caring for the Elderly

This guide offers suggestions to help caregivers maintain their personal well-being while providing quality care for a relative or another care receiver.

By Sally Bowman

OSU Extension Catalog

Helping Memory-Impaired Elders: A Guide for Caregivers

Discusses the causes of dementia and how to cope with a progressive dementing illness, respond to dementia-caused difficult behaviors, and communicate with a memory-impaired person. Provides guidelines for effective caregiving and for self-care for the caregiver. Covers specific problems such as...

By Sally Bowman

OSU Extension Catalog

Connecting the Generations: Visits with Grandchildren

Suggestions for grandparents on how to develop positive relationships with grandchildren. Discusses how to be prepared for visits from grandchildren without their parents--including making children feel at home, hazard-proofing, resting before their arrival, creating a private area for older...

By Sally Bowman