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Looking for Frog-Friendly Moss Control

May 2019
Does moss treatment that is typically used on roofs hurt frogs?

By Weston Miller | Featured Question

Why is my patio turning black?

Mar 2019
My pergola and wooden fence, even rocks and stone are getting black residue. Is it mold?

By Diana Rohlman, PhD | Featured Question

Living with termites in Bend!

Jul 2017
I am trying to assess whether my exterminator is giving me accurate information about termite activity in Central Oregon. I am a new home owner of a house built in 1936. Termite activity was discovered during inspection and the exterminator sprayed. 2 months later we found a live termite colony in a floor beam. Also old trails in a door frame. He says it takes up ...

By Amy Jo Detweiler | Featured Question

Will glyphosate poison us or our pets?

Jul 2016
We live in a large condominium between NW Naito Parkway and the Willamette River. Our property extends to the banks of the river. Our landscaper has been using a diluted version of glyphosate to control weeds on the property and blackberry vines along the edge of the river. We have LOTS of dogs in our complex, and some of our residents like using the rosemary growing...

By Chip Bubl | Featured Question

During spray season, should we stay or should we go?

Apr 2016
We live next to a filbert orchard and they seem to be spraying a lot at this time. Is there any danger from being in our yard while they are spraying? How often can we expect them to be spraying?  

By Nik Wiman | Featured Question

Heavy metals in urban soils: Best practices to stay safe

Mar 2016
Given the recent news on emissions of heavy metals in Portland, I'm looking for information on which vegetables take up these pollutants from the soil. What else should I be concerned about?

By Weston Miller | Featured Question

Any tips on how to safely remove my roof carpet?

Dec 2015
What do you recommend for removing moss from roof composite shingles in the least toxic way? I have disconnected all downspouts and storm water from roof now flows into rain gardens planted with NW natives; rushes, sedges, Oregon Grape, ferns, Ocean Spray, Mock Orange, Monkey Flower, etc. moss is present on north side of roof which I want to remove. I read that zinc sulfate may damage plants. 

By Jean R. Natter | Featured Question

Is living in a sawmill town harmful to my health?

Mar 2015
I live in a town with a couple of sawmills. I am concerned about the emissions that are emitted from their production facilities. I can see the steam and wonder if there is a risk from chemicals that may used or from toxic dust. Are there hazards used at the facilities such as chemicals, and should our community be concerned or aware of the sawmill practices?

By Scott Leavengood | Featured Question

Toxic landscape? Can children graze my bushes?

Nov 2014
I am a childcare provider in Benton County. This summer a friend came over to visit and informed me I had poison hemlock growing in my garden. I had no idea!! In addition to daycare children I also have two little boys of my own and my heart almost stopped when I realized what could have happened because I had no idea what that plant was. Though I have ...

By Debra Lauer | Featured Question

Mold is not a welcome roommate.

Mar 2013
What is the best way to treat a very large amount of mold that has accumulated on my walls and windows of my apartment?

By Jeanne Brandt | Featured Question