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Should I worry about the cyanide in lima beans?

Aug 2019
I've purchased yellow "butter beans" immature in the pods from a local farm stand. They are very good. But I just learned that lima beans have (or convert into) cyanide and so mature beans require long cooking to remove this "protective mechanism" that beans of this sort have evolved. My question is whether there are issues in cooking (4-5 minutes) "fresh" butter beans just like regular green beans or if there are risks or precautions?

By Joy Waite-Cusic | Featured Question

Can I use Stevia for canning?

Sep 2018
My husband is now a type 2 diabetic. I cannot have artificial sweeteners. I would like to find a way to can fruit without doing it one way for him and a different way for me. I've been using Stevia with fruit I am putting up in the freezer. Can I also use Stevia instead of sugar with the fruit I am canning? 

By Nellie Oehler | Featured Question

Is TUMS a good source for calcium?

Oct 2017
I am interested in information about calcium supplements. Is TUMS a good source?

By Patty Case | Featured Question

Is it possible to microwave an egg?

Dec 2016
Is it possible to cook an egg in the microwave? (hard boiled or other method?)

By Nellie Oehler | Featured Question

Moist & Tender Turkey or Slow-Roasted Salmonella?

Nov 2016
I'd like to roast my turkey at 240 degrees this Thanksgiving, based on something I heard on America's Test Kitchen. They neglected to mention how long it would take to cook (per pound) at that temperature. Is there a way I can calculate how long that might take? I can only find information on time at 350 degrees or more, or in a smoker. Thank you.

By Nellie Oehler | Featured Question

Should I be eating yams or sweet potatoes, which one is better for me?

Jun 2016
I have been reading articles from several "reputable" sources about yams & sweet potatoes. The problem is they contradict each other as to how to tell them apart. Folk wisdom says orange flesh is yam, white or cream flesh is sweet potato. Can you please define what the actual tubers look like so I know what I am buying? Which has the more acceptable nutrition for diabetics?

By Patty Case | Featured Question

Are pecked berries harmful?

Jun 2016
We were picking blueberries and a couple of birds were having a grand time pecking away at the rows. We were trying to avoid the pecked berries and managed to get a nice bucket and discarded a few with pecks that accidentally got into the bucket. We washed and froze them for the winter. Some members of our family think this is fine, some think we should only ...

By Glenda Hyde | Featured Question

Does freezing kill vitamin K?

Jan 2016
When leafy green vegetables are frozen, do they lose their vitamin K? My husband tries to eat kale, etc., because he takes blood thinners and wants a good natural source of this vitamin. But he read somewhere that frozen greens lose vitamin k in the freezing process. Any truth to this?

By Anne Hoisington | Featured Question

How can I prevent gluten cross contamination?

Dec 2015
A friend has a true Gluten allergy, and can become very ill from it. She is wondering if it is OK to cook her Gluten free stuffing in the same oven as my bread stuffing?

By Jeanne Brandt | Featured Question

Are all sugars equally evil?

Oct 2015
I put sugar in my daily cups of coffee, probably consuming 4 teaspoons total. Am I deluding myself in believing that "pure cane", "raw" or "turbinado" sugars are better for me than white refined sugar?

By Patty Case | Featured Question