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4-H Food and Fun Fitness Activity Curriculum

Nov 2019
This set of activities gets middle school students engaged in fitness games designed to invigorate and educate. Physical education teachers, 4-H leaders and health teachers will find a wealth of good ideas that get kids moving.

By Carolyn Ashton | OSU Extension Catalog

BEPA 2.0 Order Form

Apr 2019
Please complete and return this order form via email or postal mail.

Educational Document

Reporting Tool

Apr 2019
Use this reporting tool to track your use of BEPA 2.0 in your classroom. See the "Guide For Reporting Tool" for more information on how track your BEPA 2.0 use.

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WAVE Sport Nutrition Curriculum

Sep 2018
The WAVE Sport Nutrition Curriculum uses youth's interest in sports to teach them about healthy eating and hydration to fuel a healthy, active body for life. This knowledge helps athletes manage body weight and avoid unwanted weight gain in adulthood. Although the curriculum was pilot-tested with high school soccer players, the content is applicable to all active adolescents and ...

By Siew Sun Wong | OSU Extension Catalog

GROW Healthy Food Environments for Oregon’s Rural Communities

Jul 2014
The problem of obesity in children is in the forefront of nationwide research efforts. There are documented physical, mental, and social health outcomes associated with childhood obesity that contribute to lifelong, chronic health problems. Obesity occurs when, over time, over-consumption of high calorie, less nutritious foods and beverages is coupled with low physical activity energy ...

By Deborah John, Tammy Winfield | Article

GROW Healthy Kids and Communities – Reporting Back After 5 Years in Communities

Oct 2017
In the Summer 2014 issue of Oregon Small Farm News, our colleagues in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences Extension reported on GROW Healthy Kids and Communities (GROW), an innovative, community-based approach to improving the health of rural kids in Oregon.  The overall goal of GROW was to prevent obesity in rural children by improving their opportunities –at...

By Kathy Gunter, Deborah John, Tammy Winfield | Article

Exercise Tutorials

May 2018
View and participate in Better Bones and Balance exercises from your own home!


Stomps & Jumps

Apr 2014
How to perform stomps and jumps.