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Youth Environmental Educators overcome pandemic year

Program participants are paid employees who provide hands-on activities at Blue Lake Regional Park in Fairview during the summer.

Tanya Kindrachuk | Apr 2021 | Impact story

Science videos help young Spanish speakers learn during COVID-19

The science videos came with activity kits that allowed students to follow along and remain academically engaged during the early months of the COVID pandemic.

Rodrigo Corona | Apr 2021 | Impact story

COVID-19 relief funds support Tillamook County child care providers

OSU Extension’s Open Campus program co-led the Tillamook County Early Child Care and Education Task Force to facilitate collaboration between community stakeholders.

Megan Deane McKenna | Apr 2021 | Impact story

Growing Healthy Kids, featuring video lessons, returns for spring

The video lessons, about eight to 10-minutes long, give students opportunities to learn basic plant parts and encourage students to try a variety of fruits and vegetables using their senses.

Chris Branam | Apr 1, 2021 | News story

OSU Extension livestream of hatching chicks returns for eighth year

The livestream started today and will documents the chicks as they hatch. The cameras will remain on until 5 p.m. April 2.

Chris Branam | Mar 26, 2021 | News story

Juntos students spearhead historic dance at The Dalles High School

The student club at the school, Juntos Council, decided to get school support to have a Latino dance not only for fun but also to spread cultural awareness.

Andrea Flores | Mar 2021 | Impact story