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Pat's Plastercasts

Discover how a naturally occurring mineral like gypsum can be used to collect data for science and make cool art projects! Pat talks about how you can use Plaster of Paris to create track imprints.

Patrick Willis | Dec 2020 | Video

4-H Spark Kits

Get a spark for learning! Explore fun learning the whole family can do together! Each activity handout will introduce a new topic with hands-on activities and videos.

Kristen Moore, Patrick Willis | Dec 2020 | Collection

Tillamook 4-H stitches together a lasting holiday hat-making tradition

Tillamook 4-H sewing clubs, which have gone by different names over the years, have created roughly 100 hats each year over the last 15 years.

Chris Branam | Dec 21, 2020 | News story

Think like an Animal Scientist!

Watch the video to learn how animal scientists solve problems! Use the activity handout to record your data.

Kristen Moore | Dec 2020 | Video

Got Milk? A Science Experiment!

Milk is the world's most complex, natural, and oldest fluid. Learn about caseins, a major protein in cow milk. Materials needed to complete the activity: Powdered or Fluid Milk, Measuring cup, Microwaveable bowl, Vinegar, Measuring spoon, Spoon, Coffee filter, Cup, Paper towels, Markers

Kristen Moore | Dec 2020 | Video

Bears, Whales, Mice - Oh my!

Our natural world is fascinating. You will learn interesting facts about different animal's milk!

Kristen Moore | Dec 2020 | Video

From Educators to Community Liaisons – Our Role in the Face of Adversity - video

Southern Region Keynote Talks 2020

Monserrat Alegria | Nov 2020 | Video

Cultivating Connections – Farm to School programs in southern Oregon - video

Southern Region Keynote Talks 2020

Cheryl Kirk | Nov 2020 | Video

4-H youth explore nature and learn a healthy activity in new hiking club

Youths in the fourth through sixth grades gained a better understanding of how to enjoy hiking safely, while at the same time they experienced a lifelong activity that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle

Chris Branam | Nov 18, 2020 | News story