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Food Insecurity in Oregon and the U.S.: Uneven Recovery in the Midst of Overall Improvement (2014-2016)

Oregon recently experienced its largest single-year decline in food insecurity in the past 20 years. In last year’s national report, the USDA identified Oregon as the only state which had recently experienced a significant increase in food insecurity. However, the new 2014-2016 analysis shows the Oregon rate descending along with the rate for the whole country. Meanwhile, Oregon’s rate of very low food security (an indicator of deep food insecurity, sometimes called ‘hunger’) also declined from 6.6% to 6.2%.

By Mark Edwards | Publication

OSU researcher: Climate change may bring global food insecurity, impacts on U.S.

Dec 7, 2015
Climate warming threatens to destabilize agriculture systems, triggering food shortages and price hikes

By Gail Wells | News Story

OSU’s Seed to Supper program teaches low-budget vegetable gardening

Feb 27, 2015
Get going on a garden with five free classes

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

Health professionals learn to spot food insecurity

Mar 20, 2009
Health professionals take online food security course.

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Online course helps healthcare providers identify hunger

Oct 24, 2008
Survey of healthcare professionals leads to online course on hunger.

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Survey helps doctors help hungry patients

May 27, 2008
Governor challenges medical professionals to join in the fight against hunger

By Peg Herring | News Story

Oregon decline in hunger bucks national trend

May 25, 2006
Oregon is bucking a national trend, according to OSU researchers, showing a major drop in hunger rates in non-metropolitan areas.

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