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Is steam canning safe?

What is the latest on the water bath vs steam canning? New thoughts? New methods? Reasons why? My husband wants to switch to steam canning. I am willing to listen. It should be mentioned that I am almost 70 and he is almost 80. I started canning with my grandmother when I was about 9 so we are not...

By Kelly Streit, | Featured Question

Do soaked grains have more nutrients?

I recall learning that soaking grains before cooking them and using the water in the cooking is a good way to gain more nourishment than cooking without soaking. Please write details about soaking millet especially.

By Patty Case, | Featured Question

Are one piece lids approved?

Are one piece lids approved for water bath canning? I was wanting to switch to one piece plastisol lined canning lids for jam- the continuous thread type not lug. are they acceptable for products sold at farmer's markets or at our farm store?

By Sara Runkel, | Featured Question

How do I turn my grapes into raisins?

I want to know the steps to make raisins from grapes I have grown.

By Nellie Oehler, | Featured Question

Is canning with fresh lemon juice a safety risk?

I used fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice for canning salsa in water bath. is that ok?

By Jeanne Brandt, | Featured Question

Can I use Stevia for canning?

My husband is now a type 2 diabetic. I cannot have artificial sweeteners. I would like to find a way to can fruit without doing it one way for him and a different way for me. I've been using Stevia with fruit I am putting up in the freezer. Can I also use Stevia instead of sugar with the fruit I am...

By Nellie Oehler, | Featured Question

When should hazelnuts be roasted? Any yummy recipes?

When is the best time to roast filberts, raw or dried? Everything I've found on the internet says to roast after drying. I have already cracked a bunch of undried filberts. Do I just roast as if dried? Do you have recipes for flavored roasted nuts?

By Nellie Oehler | Featured Question

Did fresh lemon juice ruin my salsa?

We have already made 14 pints of red salsa & are now looking at using our green tomatoes in salsa verde. I was reading a recipe on line which said you cannot use fresh lemon or lime juice for canning. That's all we used in our red version. (1/2 cup per 7 pints) I'd hate to think we'd have to throw...

By Nellie Oehler | Featured Question

Info on meat drying?

Do you have information on drying meats?

By Jeanne Brandt | Featured Question

Would I be nuts to can nuts?

I have purchased two 12 oz packages of nuts , I want to can them, can you tell me what size canning jars that I will need?

By Jeanne Brandt | Featured Question