Food Safety and Storage

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Add-on Exercise for Produce Safety Alliance Module 6 v1.2– Post-harvest Handling and Sanitation

The intent of this add-on exercise is for PSA trainees to think through various harvest and post-harvest scenarios and consider implications related to produce safety in the context of real production environments. Following the “Examples of When Corrective Actions Should Be Considered” slide (Slide 45, v1.2), the exercise slide deck should be inserted. Each group of PSA ...

Jovana Kovacevic, Joy Waite-Cusic | Nov 2019 | Presentation

Gather nuts frequently as they fall from the tree

Harvesting, drying and storing nuts correctly will give you months of enjoyment.

Kym Pokorny | Oct 11, 2019 | News Story

Are roadside blackberries safe?

Q: I live next to highway twenty, and perhaps because no one wants to pick on the side of a busy road, but that's where I find the biggest blackberries in town. However, I think the Department of Transportation may spray herbicides along roads to prevent overgrowth. How is this application done? Is it just right next to the road or as far as 5/6 feet away? The ...

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Should I worry about the cyanide in lima beans?

Q: I've purchased yellow "butter beans" immature in the pods from a local farm stand. They are very good. But I just learned that lima beans have (or convert into) cyanide and so mature beans require long cooking to remove this "protective mechanism" that beans of this sort have evolved. My question is whether there are issues in cooking (4-5 minutes) "fresh" butter beans just like regular green beans or if there are risks or precautions?

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Using Steam Canners - SP50-1005

Naturally high acid foods maybe processed in either a boiling water canner or a steam canner; i.e., fruits, jams, jellies, and pickles. For years steam canners were not recommended but recent research has provided directions for their safe use.

Jun 2019 | Publication

Dates on Food Products

Dates on food labels help you judge how long the product will be at top quality (good flavor, texture, odor and nutritional value).

Feb 2019 | Fact Sheet

High Speed Hand Washing

Hand washing lesson for youth. Pre-curriculum lesson for food safety.

Nov 2018 | Fact Sheet

A Best Practices Guide to Open Air Poultry Slaughter

Small-scale poultry producers in Oregon who meet certain conditions have the option of slaughtering their poultry in an open air setting.

Lauren Gwin | Dec 2016 | Article