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High Speed Hand Washing Training for Teachers and Nurses

Teachers and nurses can train classrooms of students using the tips from this video from West Virginia University Extension Service.

Gwen Crum | Sep 2020 | Video

Preserving Mangoes - SP50-1006

Recipes and directions for storing and preserving mangoes. Green mangoes can be canned and made into sauce, chutney and salsa. Ripe mangoes can be frozen or dried. As mangoes ripen, they become less acidic. We do not have safe guidelines for canning ripe mangoes or mango sauce.

Sep 2020 | Publication

Preserving Tomatoes - SP50-920

Tomatoes may be canned by themselves or in combination with other vegetables or meat (such as salsa, sauces and catsup or spaghetti sauce). It’s important to use safe procedures when canning tomatoes and tomato products. Laboratory-tested methods must be used to destroy microorganisms that cause spoilage.

Aug 2020 | Publication

Pandemic leads to unprecedented burst of questions to Ask an Expert tool

Questions have ballooned to 6,625 in the first half of 2020, more than all of the questions answered in 2019.

Kym Pokorny | Jul 29, 2020 | News story

High Speed Hand Washing Basic Lesson Plan

The High Speed Hand Washing Basic Lesson Plan is used to teach the basic technique where hands are lathered up longer and groups can wash hands quicker. It can be used as a pre-curriculum lesson so food safety practices can be modeled during nutrition lessons before food is prepared or served. This lesson can be used indoors or outdoors with youth or adult groups. Adaptations for COVID-19 precautions are included.

Glenda Hyde, Beth Ann Wilson | Jul 2020 | Fact Sheet

Food Safety Activity Supplement - Win, Lose or Wash! skit and game

Students enjoy performing the Sneaky Germ Skit to review proper hand washing for the class. Then, the class enjoys a rousing game of Win, Lose or Wash! affirming key times that you should wash your hands.

Stephanie Russell, Dorian Oppenlander, Glenda Hyde | Jun 2020 | Fact Sheet

Food Safety Activity Supplement - Food Safety on the Farm

Once students have learned the High Speed Hand Washing technique in primary grades and reinforced with literature-based learning, refresher lessons are provided the following years with a different approach. Using fun, interactive, engaging skits or games help 4th graders and up to remember why it is important to wash their hands properly every time. There are plenty of roles in this skit to show the many ways that our actions can be risky for food safety, as the farmer goes about preparing lunch. Lots of laughs and funny situations spark lively discussion afterwards as students point out food safety bloopers during the skit.

Glenda Hyde, Kristi Hiassen | Jun 2020 | Fact Sheet

High Speed Hand Washing Youth Mini-Poster, English

Youth Mini-Posters can be posted near the sink or portable hand washing station.

Jun 2020 | Fact Sheet

Lavado de manos de alta velocidad - Póster de estudiantes, español

Mini-poster showing the six steps of High Speed Hand Washing, Spanish

Jun 2020 | Fact Sheet

High Speed Hand Washing "Show Me!" Session

Modeling and practicing good hand washing before serving food samples in nutrition education lessons is time consuming and therefore usually neglected. The High Speed Hand Washing technique was developed to meet a need that could result in improved food safety in the classroom and at home. Classrooms can get their hands washed properly in five minutes or less, increasing students’ food safety awareness and actions. It can also reduce risk of spreading communicable diseases, while conserving water and energy. Presentation at Consumer Food Safety Educators Conference sponsored by the Partnership for Food Safety Education, March 2019.

Glenda Hyde | Jun 2020 | Fact Sheet