Food Safety and Storage

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Are roadside blackberries safe?

Aug 2019
I live next to highway twenty, and perhaps because no one wants to pick on the side of a busy road, but that's where I find the biggest blackberries in town. However, I think the Department of Transportation may spray herbicides along roads to prevent overgrowth. How is this application done? Is it just right next to the road or as far as 5/6 feet away? The ...

By Kaci Buhl | Featured Question

Should I worry about the cyanide in lima beans?

Aug 2019
I've purchased yellow "butter beans" immature in the pods from a local farm stand. They are very good. But I just learned that lima beans have (or convert into) cyanide and so mature beans require long cooking to remove this "protective mechanism" that beans of this sort have evolved. My question is whether there are issues in cooking (4-5 minutes) "fresh" butter beans just like regular green beans or if there are risks or precautions?

By Joy Waite-Cusic | Featured Question

Is canning with fresh lemon juice a safety risk?

Sep 2018
I used fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice for canning salsa in water bath. is that ok?

By Jeanne Brandt | Featured Question

Pantry problems, do brown rice and lentils store well for years?

Feb 2018
I have several pounds of brown rice that are 2 to 4 years old. I was about to cook some when I read that it should discarded after one year. I was born near the end of the Depression, grew up during WW2 and have an almost DNA level reluctance to waste food. So my question is: "To eat or not to eat!"? I also have some red lentils that have hanging around for over 3 years.

By Jeanne Brandt | Featured Question

Is my cheese basket safe to eat?

Dec 2017
We received by mail, a cheese basket. It was room temperature, and apparently had been for at least a day. We put it in the fridge. Is it safe to eat?

By Jeanne Brandt | Featured Question

When should hazelnuts be roasted? Any yummy recipes?

Oct 2017
When is the best time to roast filberts, raw or dried? Everything I've found on the internet says to roast after drying. I have already cracked a bunch of undried filberts. Do I just roast as if dried? Do you have recipes for flavored roasted nuts?

By Nellie Oehler | Featured Question

Did fresh lemon juice ruin my salsa?

Oct 2017
We have already made 14 pints of red salsa & are now looking at using our green tomatoes in salsa verde. I was reading a recipe on line which said you cannot use fresh lemon or lime juice for canning. That's all we used in our red version. (1/2 cup per 7 pints) I'd hate to think we'd have to throw this out! If there's a risk, can I open them, recook it and freeze it?

By Nellie Oehler | Featured Question

Would I be nuts to can nuts?

Feb 2017
I have purchased two 12 oz packages of nuts , I want to can them, can you tell me what size canning jars that I will need?

By Jeanne Brandt | Featured Question

I made my cider in an aluminum pot, is it safe?

Dec 2016
Hi, I am processing a bunch of apple cider into quarts and 1/2 gallons. I brought all of the apple cider to a boil to pasteurize it, before processing it in a water bath. Now (unfortunately after the fact) I have realized that I boiled the apple cider in an aluminum pressure cooker. I have heard that high acid foods can react with aluminum and now I am ...

By Nellie Oehler | Featured Question

Moist & Tender Turkey or Slow-Roasted Salmonella?

Nov 2016
I'd like to roast my turkey at 240 degrees this Thanksgiving, based on something I heard on America's Test Kitchen. They neglected to mention how long it would take to cook (per pound) at that temperature. Is there a way I can calculate how long that might take? I can only find information on time at 350 degrees or more, or in a smoker. Thank you.

By Nellie Oehler | Featured Question