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Meet Our Fire Experts

Christopher Adlam

Regional Fire Specialist, Southwest Region

Kara Baylog

Forestry Outreach Coordinator

Max Bennett

Forestry & Natural Resources

Alicia Christiansen


Forestry & Natural Resources

Ariel Cowan


Regional Fire Specialist, Central Region

Stephen Fitzgerald

Director of the College of Forestry Research Forests, Silviculture Specialist

Lauren Grand



Contact with questions about forests and small woodland management in Lane County

Aaron Groth

Regional Fire Specialist, Coast

Contact me with questions about fire preparedness and response in Coastal Oregon.

Hablo español (I speak Spanish)

Jacob Powell

Crops & Livestock, Assistant Professor of Practice

Jacob Putney

Forestry & Natural Resources, Assistant Professor of Practice

Dan Stark

he, him, his

Forestry and Natural Resources, Assistant Professor of Practice

Katherine Wollstein


Animal & Rangeland, Rangeland Fire Specialist

Rangeland Fire Regional Specialist for Harney and Malheur Counties