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North Willamette Research and Extension Center News

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OSU Horticulture Resources on Nursery, Greenhouses, and Christmas Trees

Current research, news and information about nursery, greenhouse and Christmas trees

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Comparison of noble fir progeny from US Pacific Northwest collection regions and Denmark for Christmas tree traits

Noble fir is the leading Christmas tree produced in the US Pacific Northwest (PNW). This study is based on evaluations of 24,721 trees collected from five native collection regions in Oregon and Washington plus imported seed from Denmark. Traits important for commercial Christmas tree production were evaluated and include commercial height, tree grade, value and color.

By Chal Landgren


Nitrogen Fertilizer: Where Does it Go?

Most Christmas tree growers fertilize with nitrogen (N) intending to improve tree color, growth, and ultimately value.

Where does the fertilizer go after application? How much is actually taken up by...

By Chal Landgren, Michael Bondi


Tall Timber Topics

A newsletter for those interested in Forestry, Woodland Management and Christmas Trees in Northwest Oregon.

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Forest Seedling Network

Forest Seedling Network is a marketplace that connects independent buyers and sellers.

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Tree School

Every year, Tree School is hosted in various counties around the state of Oregon. Organized by Oregon State University's Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Program, Tree School is a festival of learning for people who love forests. OSU and agency experts teach dozens of workshops covering everything from chainsaw safety to mushroom identification to wood product marketing. Join us, and discover what Tree School has to offer for you.

OSU Extension Catalog

Developing Quality Christmas Trees in the Pacific Northwest

Each Christmas tree species requires special skill and specific knowledge to be grown successfully. This publication outlines how trees grow and the culturing practices necessary to develop the size, shape, and density of true fir, Douglas-fir, pine, and spruce Christmas trees so that they are...

By Chal Landgren

OSU Extension Catalog

Identifying and Managing Christmas Tree Diseases, Pests, and Other Problems (Identificación y Manejo de Enfermedades, Plagas y Otros Problemas en Árboles de Navidad)

This full-color, bilingual (English and Spanish) field guide is for tree growers, field workers, and anyone else interested in Christmas tree production. It features descriptions of diseases, pests, disorders, and damage affecting Christmas trees, and describes how to identify and manage these...

By Chal Landgren, Luisa Santamaria