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Here are some handy links to organizations important to raising livestock and forages:

By Shelby Filley, | Collection

Range improvements: tools and methods to improve cattle distribution

Uneven grazing distribution patterns on rangeland can lead to overuse of forage in some areas and no use or waste of herbage in areas not visited by cattle. Range improvements affecting more even distribution of grazing utilization can increase pasture carrying capacity and allow stocking for extended periods. This article describes several science-based options for improving cattle grazing distribution in extensive rangeland pastures.

By David Ganskopp | Article

Where and When to Monitor Rangeland Health?

Dustin Johnson and Sergio Arispe discuss rangeland photo monitoring and related considerations for where and when to focus monitoring efforts.

By Dustin Johnson, Sergio Arispe, | Video

How Do You Photo Monitoring for Rangeland Health?

Dustin Johnson and Sergio Arispe discuss photo monitoring of rangelands and demonstrate a simple step-by-step process for establishing a permanent photo point.

By Dustin Johnson, Sergio Arispe, | Video

What is Rangeland Monitoring?

Dustin Johnson and Sergio Arispe discuss what rangeland monitoring is and why it’s an important tool for effective rangeland management.

By Dustin Johnson, Sergio Arispe, | Video

Pace 180° and Repeat Photography: Monitoring Methods for Documenting Vegetation Trend in Sagebrush Rangelands

Monitoring trends in vegetation is an important component of effective rangeland management. The best monitoring program is the one that not only provides needed information, but also fits within time and resources constraints over the long term. In other words, the best kind of monitoring is the kind that gets done! This article presents two complementary trend monitoring methods that are easy to use, efficient and repeatable, yet robust enough to detect important changes in rangeland vegetation.

By Dustin Johnson, Rob Sharp | Publication

Rangeland Monitoring

Monitoring is a process that land managers can use to assess how management decisions affect rangeland and natural resource health.

By Chris Schachtschneider, | Article

Western Roots: Diving into a sagebrush sea of diversity

What may appear at first glance as a sea of sagebrush is in reality a complex and diverse ecosystem with a wide variety of plants and animals. The sagebrush steppe teems with life, but threats such as wildfire, grazing and invasive species are affecting the resilience of rangeland across the...

By Vanessa Schroeder, Dustin Johnson | OSU Extension Catalog

Pigs: Home on the Range?

Changing consumer preferences and values are creating opportunities for niche meat producers. One of these opportunities is pasture-based pork production. The purpose of this article is to help...

By Susan Kerr | Article