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Will cremation ashes hurt my memorial tree?

Q: I would like to plant a ponderosa pine (one gallon size) with my mothers ashes in the Deschutes National Forest. I have already checked with this agency and a permit is not required. If I dig a hole and place the ...

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Can I save my split maple?

Q: The ice storm split my yard maple at the junction of its only two sections. The split runs straight down the middle of trunk about 18 inches. It is pulled apart about four inches but I might be able to ratchet ...

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Extension foresters note trend in redwood plantings, plan needs assessment

As landowners in western Oregon start to plant redwood trees more frequently, OSU Extension foresters plan a survey to determine why the tall trees have become popular.

Kym Pokorny | Jan 26, 2021 | News story

Wisteria care: Take out clippers twice a year and go to town

Before planting one, people should realize the effort involved in keeping them in bounds.

Kym Pokorny | Jan 8, 2021 | News story

Trees to Know in Oregon and Washington

NEW! 70th Anniversary Edition! For 70 years, people have turned to one book to learn about Northwest trees. This edition expands its scope, covering even more species of trees — including several rare species native to ...

Jan 2021 | OSU Extension Catalog

Is my cedar dying?

Q: My beautiful cedars are now showing some dying branches. I’d like to send a photo to confirm if it has that fungus or beetle that’s killing lots of trees. And whether I need to cut them down before it gets dangerous to do so.

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Assessing post-fire survivability of trees

Extensive research on the fate of fire damaged trees provides guidance for assessing survival based on post-fire observations of crown scorch, bark char, and root damage.

Glenn Ahrens | Nov 2020 | Fact Sheet

Post-fire hazard tree awareness

What makes a tree hazardous?

Amanda Rau | Nov 2020 | Fact Sheet

After COVID-19 cuts down in-person Tree School, event re-grows online

The first Tree School Online session debuted with 300 registered participants. Since then, the live classes have rolled out with anywhere from 50 to 100 participants.

Jim Sloan | Jun 30, 2020 | News story