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Lynn Ketchum
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How true is the Fox News story about dying trees in Lane County?

Drought was stated as what caused the trees' death, only dying pine trees were pictured. No mention of the boring insects that kill pine trees, was that omission intentional? No pictures of dying deciduous trees either. I have seen dead pine trees in peoples' yards where their lawn is nice and...

By Lauren Grand, | Featured Question

Is my thirsty evergreen a goner?

See picture taken in Aloha, Oregon. Can these trees be saved?

By Amy Grotta, | Featured Question

My monkey puzzle tree has me puzzled, any ideas?

I have a Monkey Puzzle tree that's 20+ ft. and should be at least 40 years old. The lower limbs have been drying out and turning brown. Nothing unusual this year as in years past, have not disturbed it.

By Linda Krugel | Featured Question

Mulching around my tree, how can I get it right?

I'm putting cardboard and chipped wood over much of my backyard to keep the weeds down. How much room should I leave free of cardboard around the trees (one planted only a year ago) so they get enough water (whether mine or rain)? Would it be OK/better to put the chipped wood around the trees but no...

By Debra Lauer | Featured Question

My neighbor is an axe murderer. Can my tree recover?

We have a maple tree on our rental property, about 4" from the fence. The neighbor considers the tree to be a nuisance since it drops leaves and debris on his side. He called me the other day to say that he pruned all the branches back on his side and we should remove the tree this week. Um, what?...

By Paul Ries, | Featured Question