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Blueberries for the Home Garden

An introduction to growing blueberries at home.

By Bernadine Strik, | Presentation

Blueberries: Wonderful Fruit and Great Ornamentals

Blueberry varieties and common blueberry varieties in the home garden.

By Cassie Bouska, | Educational Document

Berry Pruning Basics

Pruning information for raspberries, blueberries, currants, and gooseberries.


Growing Blueberries

Fact-sheet covering how to properly grow blueberries.

Fact Sheet

Do I need to "tuck in" my berries for the winter?

How to winter over blueberries and black raspberries? Pruning etc. Once heard to bury the blueberries, is that true?

By Brooke Edmunds | Featured Question

What is a good soil mix for blueberries?

I will be planting blueberries in 18 inch tall 4x8 raised beds. I plan to use this as my basic soil: (pH 6-6.5) 30% Native Screened Sandy Loam 40% Garden Compost 5% Power Mulch 5% Mushroom Compost 20% Horticultural Pumice. How can I transform this basic soil to make it perfect for blueberries? I am...

By Claudia Groth | Featured Question

With a little care, blueberries sweeten the garden for decades

Apr 10, 2015
Certain varieties grow best in the Pacific Northwest

By Kym Pokorny | News Story

Why can't I eat my blueberries?

I purchased some good sized (3-5 gallon) blueberry plants yesterday. I was reading the OSU extension pub EC 1304, which emphasizes heavy pruning upon planting (and removing all fruit buds to prevent berries the first year). I really want to ignore this advice because the plants have nice flowers on...

By Bernadine Strik | Featured Question

Prune blueberries yearly for more fruit

Jan 21, 2011
How to prune blueberries for greatest yields and largest berries.

News Story