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Can a pluot pollinator be plum or apricot?

Q: I have a Flavor Supreme pluot. The year before last it had a lot of fruit. I do not have a pollinator for it, but the neighbor's have a plum. Last year it had only a few fruits. I want to get a pollinator. According to what I read it needs to be another pluot or a plum (there is a list of them). Why can't it be an apricot? 

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Planting and caring for a fruit tree

Planting a new fruit tree? Dig a big hole, wait to apply fertilizer and keep an eye on pests. Here are more quick tips for taking care of your transplanted tree.

Steve Renquist | May 2015 | Article

Home Orchard Concepts from Start to Finish

The philosophy for this online source is to provide the home gardener with OSU publications, research, and news items that are related to the home orchard and garden.

Steve Renquist | May 2015 | Collection

Why have an orchard?

A look at the benefits of growing an orchard at home.

Steve Renquist | May 2015 | Article

Fruit thinning

Fruit thinning in "Concepts from Start to Finish".

Steve Renquist | Jul 2018 | Article

Restore those old fruit trees

You have been looking at that large, old, unkempt fruit tree in your yard for some time, wondering what to do with it. Should you save the tree, or remove it and start over? Let's look at what's involved in restoring a neglected fruit tree to health.

Steve Renquist | Jun 2014 | Article

How much does it cost to grow and raise a fruit tree?

What a pleasure it is biting into a crisp, sweet apple you grew yourself! But when you start adding up the labor and expenses involved in growing your own fruit, the prospect becomes less appetizing. Take a realistic look at all that it takes to grow just two apple trees in your backyard.

Steve Renquist | Jun 2006 | Article

Growing Tree Fruits Successfully

Selecting and preparing the site and soil, irrigation, rootstocks and varieties, planting, pruning and thinning fruit, pest management, and maintenance schedule.

Jun 2018 | Presentation

I have a small orchard, is it too soon to prune?

Q: I have a small orchard of mostly dwarf pear, plum, peach, nectarine, apple. I'm wondering if it is too soon (1/24/18) to prune these trees given that we haven't had a significant frost/freeze yet? I usually prune around this time but am hesitant. The new buds are getting ready to pop it seems with our current weather.

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Grow fruit trees with confidence the low-input way

Get the healthiest fruit by starting with least-toxic methods

Kym Pokorny | Feb 12, 2016 | News Story