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Grape pruning basics

All grapes require heavy pruning to produce fruit, but after the first three growing seasons, different types of grapes need different pruning. Wine grapes and muscadines usually need spur pruning, and American grapes, such as Concord and Thompson Seedless require cane pruning.

Nov 2012 | Article

Berry Pruning Basics

Pruning information for raspberries, blueberries, currants, and gooseberries.

Nov 2012 | Article

Tree Pruning Basics

A properly pruned tree looks as natural as possible; the tree’s appearance reflects its fundamental form and character. The pruner must be sensitive to maintaining this structural integrity, in addition to knowing a bit about tree biology and proper pruning principles.

Nov 2012 | Article

Pruning and Caring for Apple Trees

How to prune and care for apple trees.

Loyd Collett | Apr 2011 | Presentation

Restore those old fruit trees

You have been looking at that large, old, unkempt fruit tree in your yard for some time, wondering what to do with it. Should you save the tree, or remove it and start over? Let's look at what's involved in restoring a neglected fruit tree to health.

Steve Renquist | Jun 2014 | Article

How much does it cost to grow and raise a fruit tree?

What a pleasure it is biting into a crisp, sweet apple you grew yourself! But when you start adding up the labor and expenses involved in growing your own fruit, the prospect becomes less appetizing. Take a realistic look at all that it takes to grow just two apple trees in your backyard.

Steve Renquist | Jun 2006 | Article

I have a small orchard, is it too soon to prune?

Q: I have a small orchard of mostly dwarf pear, plum, peach, nectarine, apple. I'm wondering if it is too soon (1/24/18) to prune these trees given that we haven't had a significant frost/freeze yet? I usually prune around this time but am hesitant. The new buds are getting ready to pop it seems with our current weather.

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Do I need to "tuck in" my berries for the winter?

Q: How to winter over blueberries and black raspberries? Pruning etc. Once heard to bury the blueberries, is that true?

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Apple trees benefit from proper pruning, spring and summer

You can prune an apple tree any time of the year without hurting it.

Mar 16, 2007 | News Story

Late winter to early spring care will help caneberries thrive

How to help your caneberries thrive.

Feb 23, 2007 | News Story