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Can a pluot pollinator be plum or apricot?

Jan 2019
I have a Flavor Supreme pluot. The year before last it had a lot of fruit. I do not have a pollinator for it, but the neighbor's have a plum. Last year it had only a few fruits. I want to get a pollinator. According to what I read it needs to be another pluot or a plum (there is a list of them). Why can't it be an apricot? 

By Chris Rusch | Featured Question

I have a small orchard, is it too soon to prune?

Jan 2018
I have a small orchard of mostly dwarf pear, plum, peach, nectarine, apple. I'm wondering if it is too soon (1/24/18) to prune these trees given that we haven't had a significant frost/freeze yet? I usually prune around this time but am hesitant. The new buds are getting ready to pop it seems with our current weather.

By Ross Penhallegon | Featured Question