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Fruit recommendations for Central Oregon

Dec 2018
Could you offer some proven winners that have succeeded in Bend's climate/conditions? These could be fruit trees, fruiting vines, hardy plants, or shrubs. Any named varieties that have been particularly successful? Edibility is a big factor (i.e., while many Sorbus sp. are planted here, they appear to be strictly ornamental with awful-tasting fruit).

By Susan Preston | Featured Question

Visit Local Gardens

Aug 2018
OSU Master Gardener volunteers manage three gardens during the growing season. The OSU Demonstration Garden located in Redmond, Hollinshead Community Garden and Northwest Crossing both located in Bend. Read more here...

Fact Sheet

Central Oregon Plant Resource Guide

Aug 2018
A list of local nurseries, their plant specialties, and contact information.

By Amy Jo Detweiler | Publication

Plant Selection for Windbreaks in Central Oregon

Nov 2005
A fact-sheet including sufficient windbreaks in Central Oregon. Three of the groups consist of Deciduous Trees, Evergreen Trees, and Shrubs.

By Amy Jo Detweiler | Article

Winter Care of Perennials

Jan 2009
Now that the temperatures are cooling off, or shall I say cold, it is time to put your perennials to bed for the winter. For the most part, perennials will overwinter here just fine by following these simple steps.

By Amy Jo Detweiler | Article

Spring Flowering bulbs

Aug 2009
Purchasing, site selection, when to plant, preparing the site, and follow-up care.

By Amy Jo Detweiler | Article

Central Oregon Landscape Plants: Trees, Shrubs, & Flowers

Jun 2018
A page consisting of publications for landscape plants of Central Oregon.


Guide to common grasses in Central Oregon

Jun 2018
This guide is intentionally limited to grasses commonly found in Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties. It does not begin to include all the grasses in Central Oregon and it does not include the sedges or rushes.

By Paul MacMillan | Publication

Water-wise Gardening in Central Oregon

Feb 2017
This publication outlines innovative conservation techniques and plant resources for water-wise gardening (also known as xeriscaping) in Central Oregon. It demonstrates how you can have a colorful and beautiful landscape while conserving water and saving time, energy, and money.

By Amy Jo Detweiler | OSU Extension Catalog