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Fruit recommendations for Central Oregon

Dec 2018
Could you offer some proven winners that have succeeded in Bend's climate/conditions? These could be fruit trees, fruiting vines, hardy plants, or shrubs. Any named varieties that have been particularly successful? Edibility is a big factor (i.e., while many Sorbus sp. are planted here, they appear to be strictly ornamental with awful-tasting fruit).

By Susan Preston | Featured Question

What fruit and berries do well in my area and how do I protect them?

Mar 2016
What type of apple and cherry would you recommend for eating rather than cooking. Any suggestions for protecting fruit from deer and birds? I live at about 1,000 feet, above Sodaville. I also want to plant blueberry bushes, an early, mid-season and late variety. Which ones would do best?

By Brooke Edmunds | Featured Question

Should I put my frost damaged trees out of their misery?

May 2015
Most of our ornamental plum and cherry trees were affected by the single-digit temps last November. Lots (90%) of branches that haven't leafed out or have just a few scattered leaf clusters. Is there any chance of recovery or should I start replacing them?

By Bill Buhrig | Featured Question

Cherry tree grafting, how and when?

Jan 2015
The top (grafted part) of our dwarf cherry tree died. We have other cherry trees and would like to graft a new top on it. What is the best type of graft to make?

By Steve Renquist | Featured Question

Fall orchard, should I plant now or wait?

Sep 2014
We want (and in some ways must) plant an orchard this fall, but I'm having a hard time figuring out where to get trees at that time of year. Also, there is a lot of information about early spring planting time, but I'm not sure when a good time, specifically, is for fall planting. What's the best month to plant an orchard in the fall? 

By Steve Renquist | Featured Question