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Lynn Ketchum
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What's a fast-growing tree for a privacy screen?

I'm looking for trees to plant to act as a barrier to cars coming past our property; a south facing space that is wet in the winter from runoff. Any suggestions? Height isn't a concern as there's space to plant away from power lines. Just want a visual block to the road, maybe a little helpful with...

By Chris Rusch | Featured Question

Is a strawberry tree a good choice?

My daughter lives in Salem and we would like to plant a Strawberry Tree (dwarf Arbutus unedo). Can you verify the growing zone there? There are a couple of arbutus outside the Salem library that seem to have weathered well, but is it common for them to freeze in Salem winters? 

By Neil Bell, | Featured Question

Shade tree wanted, what, when and how should I plant?

Hello, I live in Bend and have a south-facing back yard that really heats up in the sun. I'd like to plant a tree that will provide a canopy of shade and prefer deciduous for this purpose. Can you suggest one or more that will do well here?  

By Amy Jo Detweiler, Susan Preston | Featured Question

Are there power line friendly trees?

I have a utility pole in my yard that I would like to disguise with an ornamental tree. I can't have a tree that grows too tall, and was thinking about a dogwood. What would you recommend?

By Brooke Edmunds | Featured Question